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The essential features include a rich text editor, tagging, tag management, an easy to use custom-designed file manager and code highlighting capabilities for most languages, including a C# highlighter written from ground-up, as can be seen below.

Custom C# code highlighter

Existing solutions weren't comprehensive enough, so a new server-side heuristics-based solution was developed from ground up. See a sample below:

public partial class FluffyBunny : RoadKillBase, IAnimal
    public FluffyBunny()

    public virtual List<System.Drawing.Point> Jump(int height, Point targetLocation)
        var listConstructor = typeof(List<System.Drawing.Point>).GetConstructor(new Type[] { typeof(int) });
        NewExpression newListExpression = Expression.New(listConstructor, Expression.Constant(1));

        var parameter = Expression.Parameter(typeof(System.Drawing.Point));

        Expression<Func<System.Drawing.Point, List<System.Drawing.Point>>> expression
                = Expression.Lambda<Func<System.Drawing.Point, List<System.Drawing.Point>>>(
                    Expression.ListInit(newListExpression, parameter),

        var compiledDelegate = expression.Compile();

        return compiledDelegate(targetLocation);

    public virtual void Eat<TFood>(TFood food)
        throw new FatalException("chocked!");

File manager

Specifically developed for this website, it was designed with ease of use in mind. Code, images and other resources can be uploaded without a hassle and included in the body of any post.

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